Crest vs Colgate – The Best Toothpaste Brand

Crest vs Colgate Toothpastes.

After a thorough testing of a wide variety of Crest and Colgate toothpaste variants, we concluded that Colgate is the better overall toothpaste in most categories. Read on to find out why! There’s no better feeling in the world than having a fresh, clean mouth. If you’re like us, you get an extra boost of confidence when your teeth are … Read More

The Best Wheel Cleaner – Mothers vs Sonax

Best Wheel Cleaners - All Cleaners

After hours of thorough testing and 28+ wheels cleaned, we concluded that Mothers M-Tech and Sonax Wheel Cleaner were the top wheel cleaners. Read on to find out why Mothers was able to edge out Sonax as our pick for the best wheel cleaner. Keeping a car’s wheels clean has become quite a difficult task. Wheels are getting more and … Read More

Huggies vs Pampers – The Best Diaper Brand

Huggies vs pampers

Diapers are a huge expense for any new mom. That’s why we tested the top two brands – Huggies and Pampers – to help you get the most bang for your buck. After our thorough testing, we found that Pampers Baby Dry were the best daytime diapers, while Huggies OverNites were the best night time diapers. There you are, a … Read More

Seki Edge vs Harperton – The Best Nail Clippers

We compared the top two nail clipper brands on the market to help you decide on a set that will perform and last. After hours of research, surveying, and testing, the Seki Edge nail clippers came out on top as the best nail clippers. A common task on our monthly grooming checklists include trimming our nails. Establishing a good personal … Read More

Clarisonic vs Foreo – The Best Facial Cleansing Brush

Clarisonic vs Foreo

A well thought out skin regimen with proper cleansing and moisturizing is one of the best ways to care for your face. To help make your face cleansing routine better, we put the Clarisonic Mia 2 and Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing brushes to the test. In the end, the Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing brush was crowned the winner. … Read More

Ulta vs Sephora – The Best Beauty Retail Store

Ulta vs Sephora Logos

Ulta and Sephora are no doubt two of the best beauty retail stores around. We compared the two to find out which offers the best overall beauty shopping experience. After a thorough examination of each’s in-store experience, online presence, and rewards system, Sephora came out on top. Read on to find out why Sephora is the best beauty retail store … Read More

Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet – The Best Personal Blender

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet - Best Personal Blender hero

We compared the Magic Bullet and the NutriBullet to score which personal blender blended best. Both work well at whipping and whirling, but one had the edge of overall excellence. Find out why we chose the Magic Bullet as the best personal blender. From slushies to smoothies, salad dressings to soups, personal blenders are a blessing for those who love … Read More

CeraVe vs Cetaphil – The Best Cleansers & Moisturizers for Dry Skin

CeraVe vs Cetaphil Moisturizers and Cleansers

CeraVe and Cetaphil are the titans of value cleansers and moisturizers for dry or sensitive skin. They seem to have nearly identical products, but are they really the same? We decided to dig a little deeper and test the two brands to see which brand has the best cleansers and moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin. As it turns out, … Read More

Spalding Zi/O Excel vs Molten Fiba GM7X – Best Outdoor Basketball

Spalding ZiO and FIBA GM7X Outdoor Basketballs

After a grueling series of tests, we concluded that the Spalding Zi/O Excel is the best outdoor basketball due to its superior grip in all conditions, its ability to retain air pressure, and its overall build quality. Although the Molten FIBA GM7X is a great basketball in its own right, the Spalding Zi/O Excel is our pick for the best … Read More

Wet Brush vs. Tangle Teezer – Best Detangling Hair Brush

Wet Brush vs Tangle Teezer

To help you get the best bang for your buck, we tested the two best value detangling brushes – Wet Brush vs. Tangle Teezer. Find out why we think the Wet Brush Pro Detangler is the best detangling hair brush on the market. You hit snooze too many times and now you’re running late for work. You skip brushing your … Read More