The Best Manual Toothbrushes for a Healthy Mouth

Best Manual toothbrush Oral-B Pro Health

Everyone brushes their teeth, but why do so many people settle for low quality toothbrushes? Most dentists recommend using an electronic toothbrush, but if you are like us and like to supplement your electronic toothbrush with a manual toothbrush or if you prefer manual toothbrushes in general, you are in the right place. We decided to review a wide variety … Read More

Veet vs Nair – The Best Hair Removal Cream

Veet vs Nair hair removers

We tested the top two hair removal cream brands to see which one is the best. After testing the removal of hair on our bodies, we can safely say that Nair is the best hair removal cream. Read about how we tested and why it came out as our top pick! Body hair removal is a common beauty practice among … Read More

Hoover vs Bissell – The Best Affordable Hard Floor Stick Vacuum

Hoover vs Bissell stick vacuums next to each other.

We cleared and cleaned our living spaces to find out whether Hoover or Bissell had the best stick vacuum for hard floors. After multiple tests, our choice was the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum. Read on to learn more about the affordable stick vacuum and why it is our top choice! Vacuuming – a chore we all know and some … Read More

BioFreeze vs Icy Hot – The Best Topical Pain Relief Cream

BioFreeze vs IcyHot

After a gauntlet of tests, we found that BioFreeze’s premium price tag over Icy Hot was well worth it, making it our choice as the best topical pain relief cream. Read on to find out why! The day to day grind for most people will involve the typical soreness, aches and pains – whether it be from living an active … Read More

Aquaphor vs Vaseline – The Best Ointment

Aquaphor vs Vaseline healing ointments.

After lathering our skin with the market’s top two ointments, we chose Aquaphor as the best ointment. Read on to find out why Aquaphor is the ointment you should keep handy in your medicine cabinet and on the go. Aquaphor and Vaseline, the heal all ointments. When applied topically, these fragrance free and gentle ointments offer a number of uses, … Read More

Bona vs Swiffer – The Best Floor Stick Mop

Bona vs Swiffer mop standing up

We all know that cleaning your household can be daunting. So why not make your life easier with a floor stick mop? In order to determine which mop best keeps your floors squeaky clean, we put The Swiffer and Bona mop to the test. In the end, the Bona stick mop came out on top. Read on to learn why! … Read More

Keurig vs Nespresso – The Best Single Serve Coffee Machine

Keurig vs Nespresso – The Best Single Serve Coffee Machine

We put these Keurig and Nespresso single serve coffee machines through a series of tests to find out which coffee machine gives you the best bang for your buck. Keurig’s overall price point and practicality made it our choice for the best single serve coffee machine. In our fast-paced world, the convenience of a single serve coffee maker is exactly … Read More

St. Tropez vs Loving Tan – The Best Self Tanner

St Tropez vs Loving Tan – The Best Self Tanner

After comparing the top two express self tanners on the market, St. Tropez Self Tan Express was labeled the best self tanner. Find out why St. Tropez is the product you should buy for a quick beautiful tan below! Finding the perfect way to get your J-Lo glow on can be intimidating, especially if you’re in a time crunch and … Read More

Enfamil vs Similac – The Best Baby Formula

Enfamil vs Similac

After a deep dive into Enfamil’s and Similac’s ingredient lists, nutritional studies, and their effects on babies, we concluded that Enfamil NeuroPro was our choice for the best baby formula. Its supposed positive effects on brain development and its lack of added sugars helped it win this match against Similac Pro-Advance. Babies – they have to eat, right? It seems … Read More

Siteground vs Bluehost – The Best Web Hosting Service

We compared two of the best website hosting services to help you kickstart your next project. After comparing features, performance, online opinions, and more, Siteground came out on top as the best web hosting service. If you are looking to start your own website to sell products, share your voice, or anything else, you will want to opt for a … Read More